Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ken's Mountain-Run Around Ireland, quick report

This is just a quick report, I'll do a longer post/article in a while. I'll also put up more photos on Facebook. Mainly, now, I want to thank some people, especially everyone who came along to any of the legs of my 9 Day Mountain Run, or helped in some other way, and everyone who has donated so far (I'll put the links to the charity pages at the bottom).

So, here goes (and in no particular order);
Martin, Pat, Ana, Tony, John C, John K, PJ & Crew, Peter, James, Niamh, Des, Zoe, Michael, Justin, Jamie, Carol, Dorothy, Jenny, Steve, Dee, Michael plus his Dundalk Samaritans Crew, Dave, Michele, JuJu Jay, Conor, Noel, Gary, John, Carmel, Dave, Vanessa, Brian C, Helen, Gerry, Brianne, Barbara, Paul Brian W, Donal, Frank, John B, Niall, Eleanor, Rachel (apologies if I've forgotten anyone!)

I truly had an amazing week. Not at all what I expected, in lots of ways. Great support, especially in Leinster. For weather/navigation reasons I switched some of the more remote mountains to Leinster peaks (this was the same week in which a hiker tragically died in Mweelrea mountain in Co Mayo, after going missing for several days), but maintained or exceeded my distance/ascent targets.

In my longer report I'll detail all the peaks I did, but for now here's some quick (approximate) stats;
Total days running = 8 (over 9 days, I took 1 day off)
Total ascent = about 5000 metres
Total km = about 145
Total hours running = 25
Total number of mountain peaks = 21
Weather = mixed!

I'd do a few things differently next time. For example what was I thinking running a full marathon on Day One?? That was a tough day, into the wind all the way too, 6 hours, the final 3 of which were somewhat attritional, a big thanks to everyone who came out and got me through that one (getting soaked to the skin themselves, in to the bargain!) Highlights? The scenery,, the company, some of the best downhills in the business (Galtees, Lug, etc), the time to think, the funny moments - eg whilst temporarily mislocated on the Blackstairs we were offered a lift in a tractor by a sympathetic farmer who plainly thought we were nuts.. But it was all good really, and I'd love to attempt similar feats in the future, and would recommend likewise.

Anyway, I'm delighted at the money raised so far, delighted to have raised a little bit of further noise around the mortgage-crisis and (mortgage-related) mental health issues, not to mention delighted I didn't sustain any injuries, nor even any proper falls really (bit disappointed about that last one!). As well as the support from family, friends, fellow-runners (including some whom I'd never met before), I also appreciate the media support I got, and everyone who 'liked' or 'shared' my Facebook content. But, for now, I'm hanging up my runners. Well, for a week or two anyway..

Finally, the four charities were;
St Vincent de Paul
A Little Lifetime
Tabor Children's Trust

We're getting up towards a thousand euros now, which is fantastic.

You can donate at the following websites, big or small all donations very welcome;
and here is the event page on Facebook for more info;
see also

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