Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Bob Dylan song free download

Well, if Beyond Here Lies Nothing is representative of the album, I'll be a happy camper. A great swinging rock number. Bluesy, but the accordian gives it a lovely melodic feel. Gorgeous guitar work - dunno who it is, but it sounds like Denny Freeman, despite the rumours he isn't on the album. Maybe it's Mike Campbell.
Terrific vocal too. I've literally just had one listen, so haven't considered the lyrics. For me, the music is more important anyway..

It's on as a free download. But, hurry - it's for 24 hours only.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Dylan ignores new stuff and debuts 36 year old chestnut in Stockholm..

So, lots of pre-tour talk about whether he would play stuff from recent outtakes set 'Tell tale Signs' or even debut some songs from his new studio album (due in 3 weeks). But, no, ever perverse, he decides to debut an old chestnut from 1973 instead - 'Billy' from the Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid soundtrack.
.. which was great! Quite similar in arrangement to Romance in Durango from 03! 6 mins long - LOTS of verses, and easily the best vocal of the evening. Possibly some new lyrics - lots of references to cantinas and senoritas and whatnot.
Otherwise, not a bad show, especially considering it must be at least 4 months since he has performed. The sound was so-so, the bass was way too loud, and the drums a bit too high as well. But, at least Bob's vocals were high in the mix.
Absolutely gorgeous venue though, 130 yrs old, extremely ornate - and lots of associations with old Swedish writers apparently.

Spent the earlier part of the day walking around the old town, and in the excellent National Art Museum. Stockholm is a beautiful city. Later that night it was like a winter wonderland, with 3 or 4 inches of snow having fallen during the show.

Back to the show.. No band changes, other than Denny/Stu/Tony bizarelly positioned all facing Bob in a line!
Other highlights included Trying get to Heaven, I Believe in You and an incredible new 'walkin blues' type arrangement of Cry Awhile.
Contrary to some reports it was Riverflow where he played guitar, not Things have Changed. He also came out and sang without any instrument at the front of the stage for the first half of Honest with Me and the 2nd half of Cry Awhile.. There was harmonica on about 8 songs, and of a very high standard, on several occasions out front with hand held harmonica mike.
Otherwise, it was a standard show, lots of predictable songs were played as well as that rare one, and things were spoiled a little bit by the poor sound - jeez I even think Tony's bass sounded out of tune to some extent to my ears..
Bob's voice was pretty good, he seemed in good humour, although he looked alarmingly uncomfortable when singing or playing guitar at the front of the stage!

But, a good show, with one extraordinary highlight and an enjoyable, albeit short, trip.. Glad I went.. Roll on UK/Ireland..