Tuesday, May 5, 2009

brief 1st Dublin show comments

Just a few comments on Dublin, post gig, and post pub, so somewhat weary..

- Extremely young and enthusiastic audience, or so it seemed where I was
- 1st 4 songs astonishingly good, Bob very animated, feeding off the crowd, strong strong vocals
- Next section lulled somewhat, Bob losing it ever so slightly, some more eccentric than usual vocals
- Main set, nothing too exciting in terms of song choices, perhaps other than Red Sky
- Any fears of the gig going down hill in audience terms were waived though by a very strong closing Thunder and Rolling Stone
- and, of course, the encores included the long awaited new song debut, with Bob opting for If you Ever go to Houston. Spectacular performance, way better than the album, excellent vocals, Bob leaning into every line like he'd been waiting for weeks (31 shows?) to play the damm thing!

.. oh and yes, the organ (almost) perfectly replaces the accordian!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?



  1. Hey Ken. How's Ireland? :) I ran into you in Duluth at the center...You were second in line next to me! I remember you and a buddy driving around eracticly in the parking at 1 in the morning...:D

  2. Really enjoyed the concert last night. It's probably the best gig of his I've seen. I'd read that he had played guitar on some shows recently but was still pleasantly surprised to see/hear him do so. "Stuck Inside Of Mobile..." was the highlight of the show for me and it certainly beat sitting at home watching those Mancs beat Arsenal. Enjoy tonight people.

  3. from los angeles, kens comments studied closely for the subtleties we would expect...thanks roderick smith

  4. full review on my music blog http://indielimerick.blogspot.com/